Customized innovation value. 

Extremely robust abrasion rate of 100,000 double rubs  (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). 

The 100% polyurethane face, 54” width fabric is lined with a microfiber substrate with a napped texture, providing a flexible, supple hand while maintaining strength and durability. 

Using a green manufacturing process, vivacious addition of environmentally friendly faux-leathers with a solvent resistant finish.  

More than 200 RP pattern are available. (RP: Release paper.)

Country of Origin: Taiwan (Upon request for China, Vietnam, Indonesia.)



Top Skin:          Polycarbonate type Polyurethane

Backer              Nylon microfiber non-woven


General Specifications:

  • Width 54 inch (137cm)
  • Thickness  0.8 ± 0.1 mm  
  • Surface 100% Polyurethane 
  • Backing 100%  Nylon microfiber non-woven
  • Wear Test : 100,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck) 
  • Lightfastness : Min. 200 Hours Class 5 (AATCC 16 / Xenon)
  • Hydrolysis : Min. 10 weeks (ISO 1419 Tropical Test Method C)
  • UPON PERFORMANCE Anti-Bacterial  
  • UPON PERFORMANCE Anti-Microbial 


  • Bicycle saddles