Sustainable operation


Environmental Protection Organization Certification

SANFANG dedicate to environmental protection and sustainable operation, and be a part of non-government organizations such as ZDHC/HIGG. We will make all effort to protect the environment and our earth.

Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction 1. The boiler fuel is changed from heavy oil to natural gas for GHG Offset Project. San Fang has signed the counseling Letter of Intent for GHG Offset Project with Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government. We expect that the GHG offset reduction will be about 11,500 tons of CO2 per year. The letter of intent for counseling application for the greenhouse gas exchange and reduction project has been signed with the Kaohsiung Environmental Protection Bureau.
2. Greenhouse gas reduction: 34,488.60 tons in 2020 and 43,929.78 tons in 2019. Greenhouse gas passed the SGS inspection in 2020 and were reduced by approximately 21% compared with 2019.
3. Waste reduction: 2,332.55 tons in 2020 and 3,355.62 tons in 2019, a reduction rate of 35%.
4.Water consumption reduction: 188,204 m3 in 2020 and 249,012 m3 in 2019, a reduction rate of 24.4%.
Green Energy  
YEAR 2018年 2019年 2020年
Set up solar panels(KW) 499 499 499
Annual energy output (KW) 208,287 616,513 665,991

Discharge coefficient

0.533 0.509 N/A
Reduce carbon dioxide emissions (mt) 111 314