Hot melt (For Shoes)

San Fang is a professional hot melt film manufacturer. We have an excellent manufacturing team that can help customers with the lowest cost and best quality. Our creativity has not only awakened market demand, but also stimulated the crowded concentration in this field. As a hot melt film manufacturer, San Fangdedicated itselves to provide high-quality products for our clients.

Product Substrate Name Specification
Film Hot melt BONDER-SP Hotmelt for water repellent fabrics.
Film Hot melt BONDER-MT Hotmelt for metal component.
Film Hot melt BONDER-RB Hotmelt for Rubber component.
Film Hot melt BONDER-FG Hotmelt for Leather
Film Hot melt BONDER-L Hotmelt for low temperature processing.
Film Hot melt BONDER-KM Hotmelt for one-time processing, avoid reactiving by temperature.