Decoration hot melt (For Apparel)

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Series LSCHYS - D
Grade D241RS D241PS D012RS D012PS
Basic Material  
Property Standard /Procedure Unit  
Softening Temperature SanFang Method *(1) 90±4 75±4
Elastic Recovery SanFang Method *(2) % NO NO
Melt Flow Index  ASTM D1238*(3) g/10min 10~20 20~30
Elongation ASTM D882 % 400~800 600~1000
Tensile Strength ASTM D882  Kg/cm2 >100 >35
100% Modulus ASTM D882 Kg/cm2 20~30 2~8
Surface Pattern SanFang Customized SanFang Customized
Surface Color   -
Suggested Bonding Conditions Flat Heat Pressing
Heat Pressing Temperature 110 ~ 140
Pressure Kg/cm2 5 ~ 8
Press time sec 30 ~ 40
Suggested Bonding Conditions Seam Sealing Machine
Glue Line Temperature 300 ~ 350
Roller Pressure Kg/cm2 3 ~ 6
Line Speed M/min 1 ~ 6
Washing Condition SanFang Method Up to 40 ℃
Applied Fabric *(4)    Woven/Knit     
Carrier  RP PP film RP PP film

These data are provided as general information only.
They are approximate values and not intended for use in preparing specifications.
Please contact us before writing specifications on this product.

※ LSCHYS-D Standard Thickness (mm):0.07mm、0.10mm(D241RS、D012RS);0.13mm、0.15mm(D241PS、D012PS).
 Standard Width (Inches):54";If the standard thickness or width of the specifications can be customized.

(1)     Softening Temperature: By Capillary Rheometer (Weight Load:5Kg, Rate:3 ℃/min)
(2)     Elastic Recovery: Please contact us, we’ll provide product instruction.
(3)     Melt Flow Index: g/10min  by 2.16kg ,175℃

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