Soleco®Photovoltaic Encapsulant EVA Film

Durable, Reliable and Made in Taiwan.

As we see the trend that Taiwan and the world community are scaling up
renewable energy, in order to fufill the demand of PV modules systems
and renewable energy or creating higher value of circular economy.
San Fang is cooperating with Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research
Institute(ITRI) to provide our customers brand new experience of PV
module solutions.

Why Soleco?


Soleco® Series


PID resistance and excellent durability

High reflective and excellent durability

Cells recycable 
Soleco® EVA film features

The feature of the Soleco EVA Film

Very durable: High temperature, high humidity and UV resistance.  
Low shrinkage: Increase weather fastness to the PV modules.
High strength: High peeling strength to improve the ability to resist exernal impact.
Transparent: High transmission of light to enhance output of power.
Fast curing: Increase the productivity of PV modules manufacturing.


Mr. Chris Wu


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Soleco®Photovoltaic Encapsulant EVA Film


Length 230-320 m
Width Customization (Maximum: 1050mm)
Thickness 0.63-0.75(≧0.05mm)
Weight 430-560 g