Photovoltaic Encapsulant

              EVA Film

product description

Soleco EVA film is the photovoltaic encapsulant for PV modules.
The EVA film is made of highest quality of ethylene vinyl acetate
which canbe the ideal binder between glass, cell and backsheet
layersfor PVmodules. As a result,Soleco  has excellent mechanical
and physical properties such as high optical clarity, low shrinkage,
and excellent durability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

To achieve the goal of environmental protection and sustainable management, Sanfang has passed the certifications of various environmental protection organizations,to do our best to protect the environment and the Earth. In order to provide the renewable energy materials and increase theutilization rate of green energy. Sanfang is dedicated to develop the green energy industry.



The feature of the Soleco EVA Film

The features of Soleco films are
Transparent: High transmission of light to enhance output of power
Excellent PID resistance: Enhance PV modules’ PID resistance
Very durable: High temperature, high humidity and UV resistance.
Low shrinkage: Increase weather fastness to the PV modules.
High strength: High peeling strength to improve the ability to resist
exernal impact.
Multifunction: Soleco provide the product of the transparent
high-transmittance,white UV cut-off high reflection, easy-disassemble
composite film and fluorescent power enhancement film.



Type EVS1-001T
Length 100-400m
Width Customization(Maximum:1470mm)
Thickness 0.4mm-0.6mm
Bassis weight 430-530gsm