San Fang made meltblown nonwovens are featured with the high
 efficiency to meet the US and EU's high standard. As the awarenes
 of public health been raised nowadays, it comes along with the 
 domestic demand of meltblown nonwovens. With our innovation
 and advanced technilogies, we will keep persuing the best quality
 to fulfil the expectaction from our customers all over the world. 

Product Item No. Basis Weight
Pressure Drop
Test Method Application
Meltbown Nonwovens for 3 ply masks MAX-160 16 1500 ≧ 80 <1.2 Test Equipment:TSI8130
Flow Rate:32LPM
Test object:NaCl
Particle size:0.26µm
3-ply mask, surgical mask
MAX-200 20 1500 ≧ 90 <1.8
MAX-250 25 1500 ≧ 90 <2.0
MAX-300 30 1000 ≧ 95 <2.5