ES Thermal Bonded Nonwovens are made by composite materials of
PP and PE. The features of ES thermal bonded nonwovens are
hydrophilic, soft, breathable, non-irratating, non- sensotizing and odor
free. Mainly used for manufacturing hygiene products as the interfacial
layer for the skin. By San Fang's advanced manufaturing process, we
are able to remove the fluffs on the surface and maintian good hand
feeling and brethability. In order to ensure safety of use, our ES thermal
bonded nonwovens also pass the ISO10993 biocmpatibility test and has
no dedection of migratable fluorescent substances and formaldehyde.
In addition to safety test, our product also obtain OEKO-TEX Certifiacte
which to ensure better safety of use.

Product Item No. Basis Weight
Width Test report/Certificate Application
ES Thermal
Bonded Nonwoven
MES-200 20 3000 Customized Pass ISO10993 Biocompatibility Test
( Skin irration test, Cytotoxicitytest, and skin sensitization study)
Migratable fluorescent substances: N.D.
Formaldehyde: N.D.
OEKO-TEX Certifiacte
Face mask, diaper,
and etc.
MES-250 25 3000